Rumble Rules/Classes

4th Annual Classic Rumble Classes


Post 1980 Truck 

Post 1980 Car 

Classic Original Pre-1980 

Classic Custom  Pre-1980


Street Rod/Muscle

Rat Rod 


People’s Choice

Classic Rumble (see below)

Center Stage Classic Rumble (Optional)

So what is even more fun that showing your classic ride to the show participants and visitors?
The answer is doing that PLUS driving your ride around town and showing it to everybody! This is what the Classic Rumble is about.

First, participants will line up at Center Stage Grille and Bar. At about 12:30, the pilot truck will lead a cruise down the strip making a loop around town.
Then.. when the tour gets back to the restaurant.. participants and their riders will break off in their rides to complete any 6 of the 12 Rumble tasks (pictures)
all around town. These are listed in no particular order and hopefully everyone will be doing different ones at different times.

  • Free logo bandana  (must be in all pictures.. on head or on arms)

Rumble tasks:   (this may change..keep checking back)

Take a picture….

  • Dressed in old-time costume standing in front of your ride (Any Old-Time-Photos in Branson)
    • 10 points + 2 for style + 1 for including staff in costume
  • With Table Rock Dam in background
    • 5 points + 2 for style + 1 for visitor
  • With Fire Engine and a Fireman (can still be in station with door open but your ride must be in pic)
    • 5 points + 2 if engine parked outside station
  • With Law Enforcement vehicle and an Officer 
    • 5 points + 2 for style + 2 if Photobombed -10 if you are really arrested
  • With an American President
    • 5 points + 2 for style + 1 for visitor
  • With your team doing maintenance on your ride
    • 5 points + 5 for style + 1 if Photobombed
  • All team holding guitars in front of a theater
    • 7 points + 4 for style + 1 for visitor
  • With a Branson Celebrity (not at Center Stage)
    • 5 points + 4 for style
  • In a custard drive thru with 2 employees (Andys, Freddies, Culvers)
    • 5 points + 2 for style
  • At Branson Railway in front of engine or station
    • 5 points + 2 for style
  • At the largest American flag you can find
    • 5 points + 2 for style
  • With Elvis  (shouldn’t be too hard in Branson)
    • 5 points + 2 for style + 1 for visitor
  • With a Branson Hillbilly
    • 5 points + 2 for style
  •  With a Heliocopter  
    • 5 points + 3 if it is flying
  • With a Horse (alive or not.. but no horses will be harmed in this event)
    • 4 points + 4 for style
  • All pics must include your ride and logo do-rag or t-shirt… and.. get creative for the style points.
  • Give visitors and employees at your picture site a Center Stage coupon after each picture.
  • Pictures should be emailed or texted to Center Stage as they are taken or downloaded back at the restaurant.
  • CSGB may freely use these pictures in marketing materials